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Salesman Are Made Not Born

Posted by Ian | Posted in Business, Uncategorized | Posted on 04-09-2012

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Salesman Are Made Not Born ? Ever heard the expression “a born salesman” ? I say its a crock of baloney

Salesman are MADE not born. Think about that statement, your not a born shop assistant, your not a born mechanic, your not a born doctor are you?

You are what you are because you choose to follow a path, by following that path you learn skills and techniques that made you the person you are.

Give me anyone and I can make him a salesman , or sales woman for that matter lets not be sexist. Great salesman are great because they have drive, they have passion, and they
absorb information .

They get a Buzz out of getting up in the morning and making that first call, they can handle rejection, better than you when you when you were first dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend !

Give them a break,value them, look after them.
They are the undervalued, underestimated, KEY, I repeat KEY to your business.
Invest in them, nuture them as you would lovingly nuture a plant in the garden and watch them grow and mature, and as they do so will you and your business.

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